How to care your skin and hair with vegetable oil

How to care your skin and hair with vegetable oil

You can take care of your hair with a few bucks by using vegetable oils, don’t spend our money on expensive masks and treatments for your hair.

They are cheap, efficient and easy to use. Let’s see how to do this and what fits your hair for the best results.

What oil fits your hair best?

Be careful! For hair and skin, you must use vegetable oil, which you find in organic/bio or natural products stores. Do not use essential oils, as they are irritant for your scalp and skin, do not use cooking oils eg sunflower oil.

Regardless of the season, both skin and hair need special care. Fortunately, there still remains at handy the remedies with oils!

Why oils give better results compared with face creams?

“Compared to other face creams, oils penetrate easily into the skin, because of his special texture “, said Laurence Cassereau, Director of Darphin Research & Development Institute. Besides the protective barrier that forms at the surface of the skin, the oils nourish the skin with plenty of vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids. “To get the best results and to enjoy all benefits, choose vegetable oils, which don’t have in their composition alcohol, fragrance, parabens or other preservatives.”

Our oils are suitable for all skin types?

Yes! Even oily skin can tolerate very good oils. Because the skin is used to secrete a certain amount of sebum. The more aggressive use of the products that remove sebum, the more stubbornly the body tries to create it in excess. Instead, you can “trick” skin that has a sufficient amount of sebum by applying a little oil, in the evening, instead of night cream. You can even use oil to remove makeup. which successfully can replace cleanser for sensitive skin, because the oils are not so aggressive and do not destroy the natural balance of the skin.

Can I use oils as an intensive daily treatment?

Yes, but we must not forget the other essential steps for flawless skin: cleansing, toning, and moisturizing! Oils should be used as an additional treatment.

If your skin exfoliates, pour a few drops of oil in palm and massage flaky areas of the skin. You can do this immediately after applying the foundation.

It is time that your body enjoys a care ritual as complex as that for your skin! And oils are perfect to get immediate results, but also long-lasting at the same time!

Can I use vegetable oil instead of body lotion?

Olive oil benefits body oils are recommended for people with dry skin. To increase their effectiveness, they must be applied immediately after bathing or showering. This prevents dry skin. If applied later, the skin has more time to lose water, becoming dull and flaky. You can choose pure oil, such as the olive or grapeseed oil, cold-pressed oils can opt for scented with fruit and flower essences. For hand care, using arnica oil! Here is how you can do it: After you remove dead skin gently massaging the skin with a mixture of sugar and olive oil, then apply arnica oil! Use some cotton gloves and let them get active overnight. You can choose the same treatment for heels. If you dot like the oily feeling after application, try quick-drying oils, they penetrate the skin immediately.

If you like to customize and DIY things, you can make your own oil! Mix equal amounts of olive oil with almond oil and grape seed, wheat or jojoba germ for a subtle fragrance, add a few drops of essential oil of citrus fruits or flowers.

Can I apply body oil with lotion or cream?

It is best to use the oil while your skin is still wet! in this way it absorbs quickly and moisturizes the skin deeply “, says Sabine Schulz at Beiersdorf Laboratory. When you are short of time and have to use the razor as you shave or wax, instead of gel or foam you may choose to use cold-pressed olive oil and avoid skin irritation and skin peeling. You can use the same method for underarms. researchers found that the risk of irritation is significantly reduced after waxing if before you apply a preparation of oil and glycerin (in 50 / 50) to smooth the skin.

What skin problems can be prevented with oils?

The oils can be used to prevent a lot of trouble, regardless of the season. For example, if the skin on your elbows is excessively dry during the cold season, rub them with a little oil every night and you will get rid of this problem in a few days. You can prevent rashes that appear on the back or neck if you apply once every two days, a body oil in which you put a few drops of tea tree essential oil. Although cellulite is a condition that can not be handled in a few days, as we all know, you can improve your skin by massaging your skin condition with oil which has a heating effect for the sky. For best results, wear slimming wear tights and do at least 30 minutes of exercise! And if you want an elastic skin, firm and flawless, know all the miracle that oil has to offer. Nicias Massalsky, president at Skincode, argues that the most effective product for stretch marks is oil applied religiously every night on wet skin!

For your hair, the vegetable oil is really a “miracle elixir.” Thanks to advanced technology and innovative formulas nowadays, you can apply oils to the hair, without the fear of becoming greasy or loaded.

May I include the oils in the daily hair care ritual?

Yes! As you probably know, once degraded, hair can not be repaired and must resort to scissors. Therefore, if you want to keep your hair long, it is a must to protect the tops with special oil. You can choose a concentrated product that you apply it after a bath, or a light, to use it every day in small quantity.

If in winter the skin of the scalp becomes dry and blistered, apply a mask once a week with olive oil or castor oil enriched with vitamin A and E (you can find in pharmacies as capsules soft or oily vitamins)! Leave treatment to act at least an hour, then follow normal care rituals!

How to use the oil hair mask

Put a few tablespoons of oil – depending on hair length – in a cup and heat it gently in a bain-marie or keep it in the shower under running hot water. Pour oil into your palms and then spread it all over the hair, focusing more on tips or damaged strands.

When all the hair was anointed with oil, cover it well with plastic wrap, then a towel. You must keep the mask on hair for at least an hour. Finally, rinse and wash with shampoo until you feel the oil on the hair.

The mask is applied once a week.

Can too much oil be harmful?

No, but you should not overdo it. For leave-in products, it is enough to apply in the palm as a currency amount (depending on hair length), which then you distribute it evenly. When using oil as a treatment, apply a small amount to the head and then brush your hair with a wide-tooth comb to distribute the oil over the whole length.

Here are the oils that you can use for hair:

Avocado Oil:

Moisturizes hair, makes it silky, straighter and gives shine.

Castor Oil:

“Chill” the individual strands, moisturizes, prevents split ends.

Coconut oil:

Prevents dandruff, restores hair “bullied” by the sun, fading paint, etc..

Olive oil:

Prevents dandruff and hair loss, moisturizes, gives shine.

Rosemary oil:

Moving hair, stimulates growth, prevents hair fall and whitening.

Sweet almond oil:

Moisturizes and nourishes.

What oils you can also try?

wheat germ, grape seed, flax, jojoba oil, argan. The benefits are greater if you use a combination of oils. If you get a higher amount of oil, it maintains the refrigerator in a dark bottle.