How to Get Out of Bed When the Alarm goes off

The alarm is ringing. You turn it off and check the time while you are in bed and think about your options. The first option is to get up and read the newspapers. The second option, which corresponds to your usual answer, is to enjoy the warm comfort of your bed for another forty minutes until you have to get ready for work. The mind launches into a debate that might look like this:

 “I’m always tired; I should not get up so early”

  “But I have to run a week ago, I’d better start today, get up, move …”

 It’s too comfortable and warm here, I think I’ll skip the race again today. “

Before you know, those sleeping eyes are closed and you sleep.

 If you have trouble waking up in the morning, the scenario described above will be vaguely familiar. Those who press the button snooze often blame themselves for not respecting the time of waking. They live the day with regret that they have not been able to perform the desired tasks and wish to have done these tasks instead of sleeping.

 In this article, you will learn how to get up when the alarm rings. A half-awake mind does not make good decisions. So you have to develop a plan before going to bed, that you can work in the morning.

 Step 1: Choose an appropriate alarm time and set a single alarm

This can be counter-intuitive if you are told that setting multiple alarms makes it easier to wake up on time. Indeed, several alarms will make you fall asleep by increasing the waiting time for the next ringing of the alarm. They aggravate the pattern and the habit of having trouble waking up in the morning.

 Step 2: Sit down immediately when the alarm rings

Never press the snooze button again and lay in bed for you! After sitting down, do not rest your head on the pillow. Your half-awake mind cannot make a conscious decision at the first awakening. Do not allow him to persuade you to sleep another five minutes. Now that you are in a vertical position, stretch your arms, rub your eyes, and get out of bed. Head to the bathroom, turn on the lights and splash your face with water. You feel much more alert and motivated to start the next day than when you lie down.

Step 3: Do something that makes you feel good as a reward

Having time for yourself is a good start to the day. If you still have 15 minutes at the beginning of the day to do something you like, you will feel energized throughout the day. When you schedule a time for activities that you like, you become happy and excited, so that you can get up and get motivated in the morning. You can write, draw or spend time in nature.

 The half-sleeping spirit has never been designed to make rational decisions and plans. He always decides for comfort. Therefore, you must set a wake-up time at bedtime, follow it when the alarm clock rings, and then reward you for reaching it.

 Why get up on time when it’s so much better to snuggle under the covers?

It may not suit you in the morning, but over time, waking up at the time you set is a rewarding habit. You can start the day with all the energy and coolness you need instead of rushing and panicking to get to work on time. This extra time in the morning can be used to reach your weight loss goals or to get other New Year’s resolutions that you have. Following your plans will make you more responsible and create confidence so that you can achieve your goals. In the long run, you will enjoy a lot of this self-loving behavior.